Pet Bereavement

The death of a pet is one of the most underrated forms of bereavement, but can be devastating for the owner. Seeing an animal pass away that you have loved and taken care of over many years can be equally as traumatic as losing a human member of the family, but most people do not acknowledge the effect Pet Bereavement can have.
The normal reaction from people is to say things like “are you going to get another one?” or “at least it wasn’t your parent or child” which can make you feel as though your grief is dismissed and unwarranted

The bond with our pets is different from human relationships because of it’s very nature. Animals will love unconditionally, they do not make demands, change their moods or opinions, argue or expect anything in return except to be fed. They can bring great comfort when you are feeling sad and join in with your joy when you are happy.

As with any grief, the first reaction in Pet Bereavement is shock and many people are themselves surprised at the intensity of their grief. I can assure you now that this is perfectly normal and is simply the initial stage of the grieving process. From there is sometimes takes a different course because there are different considerations. If you have other pets, how will they react and how can you help them. What to say to small children who have no real understanding of the concept of death and may not have had to experience the loss of a close family member.

Throughout my life I have always loved animals. As a child there was always at least one pet in the house and in my adult life I have had many pets of my own and have inevitably experienced Pet Bereavement along the way. If you need to talk to someone about the loss of a pet, I can help you to understand the grieving process, to accept and feel more at peace with your loss. Please feel free to call or email to discuss your particular needs in Pet Bereavement or to make an appointment.