If you feel you would like to talk to someone, I can support you in this difficult time. I am an experienced therapist, having trained and worked with Forest Holme Hospice for the past 10 years as well as seeing many private clients in my own practice. If you are already suffering distress, I hope you will find some helpful information on these pages that will ease some of your fears and concerns. Contact me to find out how I can be of help specifically to you.



I consider working as a therapist to be a great privilege, but with that privilege also comes a responsibility to do the best I can to help and support you in your time of need, whether you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or are suffering the loss of someone close to you.

  • 10 years of experience in this field.
  • Caring and confidential service.
  • Comfortable, relaxed environment.
  • Trained in a combination of therapeutic methods.
  • Individuals, couples, families.
  • Accredited by professional bodies.

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End Of Life Care

When we are born, the only thing that is certain is that one day we will die. Yet there are no lessons in school to teach us how to prepare for this certainty. In western culture, dying is barely mentioned in any aspect of our lives unless forced upon us by a death in our family or of a friend or colleague. How can we be expected to cope when we are told by our doctor that we have a terminal illness and there is no hope of a cure?

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Bereavement Counselling can be of enormous value in helping you through this most difficult period in your life. However, many other forms of loss can also have a devastating effect on your life. Losing your job or the loss of a loved one through the breakdown of a marriage, partnership, any relationship even a close friendship can leave you feeling lost, bewildered and unloved.

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Pet Bereavement

The death of a pet is one of the most under-acknowledged forms of bereavement, but can be devastating for an owner. Seeing an animal pass away that you have loved and taken care of can be equally as traumatic as losing a human member of the family, but most people do not acknowledge the effect it can have. I can help you to understand the grieving process, to accept and feel more at peace with your loss.

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Pain Management

By learning how to control the level of pain through self-hypnosis the anxiety will be reduced, leaving you much more calm and relaxed and it is also proven to reduce recovery time after the procedure.

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Fears & Concerns

Having someone who will listen empathically and without prejudice can be such a powerful experience, enabling you to release the negative thoughts and reach a place of acceptance within yourself.

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